About Us

We are a married couple (39 years) who have spent the last 20 years exploring the United States by bicycle. We started bicycling on supported group rides which we enjoyed for years. In 2017 we decided to take off on our own adventure, just the two of us, carrying our own supplies and we were hooked.  That ride was across the United States, an unbelievable experience which led to this blog.


We live in West Michigan and enjoy many hobbies. Mike recently sold his heavy duty diesel repair facility and he still loves to repair things. In his retirement he has remained very busy woodworking, catching up on repairs around the house and working part time on diesel engines.  Deb still owns her dog grooming business and loves to garden on the five acre property we’ve lived on for 37 years. We have two dogs we love very much and are fortunate enough to have a good friend who enjoys living in our house and caring for things when we are bicycling.

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