Terrebonne to Mitchell May 31

After visiting the Smith Rocks State park in Terrebonne Monday morning we left town at about 11am.  Late even for us! We rode along the buttes on a flat road all day.  It was a very pleasant day riding. We stayed the night in Prineville at a cheap Econoline hotel and had dinner at theContinue reading “Terrebonne to Mitchell May 31”

Best day ever or Sisters to Terrebonne

Let’s get 50 miles in today. We’ve been slacking off. Ok she said. We made it to Terribonne OR without any break. We were ready to rest and eat and then go to Smith Rock State park. Have a look around and continue on another 20 miles. While we’re sitting at the restaurant Deb strikesContinue reading “Best day ever or Sisters to Terrebonne”