Terrebonne to Mitchell May 31

After visiting the Smith Rocks State park in Terrebonne Monday morning we left town at about 11am. 

Smith Rocks

Late even for us! We rode along the buttes on a flat road all day. 

Between Smith Rocks and Prineville. All day like this.

It was a very pleasant day riding. We stayed the night in Prineville at a cheap Econoline hotel and had dinner at the Crooked Creek Brewery. It was obviously a service station in its past life the 1920s or 30s. I asked the young server about the building history and she said long ago it was an antique store. Way back when. Always an antique store. Maybe too young to think of a time before her.

Leaving Prineville we had a slow steady climb all day getting up to Ochoco Pass…about a 2000′ climb. 

Made it! 

It was a discouraging day for me as I just want to be stronger now and because I’m so out of shape.  I usually hide under the covers in the morning afraid of what the day will bring. Will today be the day I die of a heart attack or will I just be smashed by a truck? The evenings though bring such satisfaction from a mission accomplished and a really hard workout. This is a great way to build self confidence for sure. 

 Our usual way is Mike rides about a 1/4 mike ahead of me and every few miles he waits while i catch up. My muscles just shake sometimes. At least the sun wasn’t beating down so hard. It was an overcast 80 degree morning but by noon we started to hear rumbles of thunder. We tried to outrun the storm but by about 2pm we were running for cover. It’s hard to know where to hide when you are alone in the forest surrounded by trees. We finally surrendered and pitched our tent in the state park at the top of the pass.

Ochoco State Park

This morning we packed up and rode down the mountain. 12 miles of downhill! We landed ourselves in the town of Mitchell, an old stagecoach stop. We are staying at an old place called the Oregon Hotel. 

Tiger Town Brewery. Named after the old gunslinging days
Oregon Hotel. Highly recommended

Just so charming! 

8 thoughts on “Terrebonne to Mitchell May 31

  1. You’re the very definition of brave: afraid but doing it anyway! And a 2000 ft climb is HARD. I hope you are proud of yourself. Reading your blog takes me back to some of my Cycle Oregon days – like when I rode up to Crater Lake in a sleet storm and was so scared and tired that I burst into tears at the top. Or when I figured out my mantra one afternoon: “This is hard, so what!” I envy you wheeling through places I love so much. Onward!


  2. Hi Deb ~

    “You can do it”.

    “You are doing it”.

    Uncle knows you can do it.

    A question: did I lose my subscription to the

    ReLive report on daily progress?

    with love to you & Mike.

    Uncle David

    David Verwolf 1015 Railroad Avenue, #217 Bellingham, WA 98225 USA

    360.527.5266 davidverwolf@hotmail.com



  3. You are seriously amazing! I feel like a slug sitting in bed drinking my coffee as you pedal your a@% off!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your adventure. PEDAL ON


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