Best day ever or Sisters to Terrebonne

Let’s get 50 miles in today. We’ve been slacking off.

27 miles of this in 90 degree heat1

Ok she said. We made it to Terribonne OR without any break. We were ready to rest and eat and then go to Smith Rock State park. Have a look around and continue on another 20 miles. While we’re sitting at the restaurant Deb strikes up a conversation with a local at the next table (imagine that)

Mike and Carolyns best girl, Lucy

He’s got a Newfoundland dog. Next thing you know he invites us over to his house. We pitch our tent in his yard which just happens to be on a cliff overlooking Smith Rock Park.

Johnson’s house way up on a cliff

What a fabulous setting. Hard to remember we were hike a biking up Santiam Pass a few days ago wondering what we were doing this for. This is why we do this. So much for 50 miles, but I’ll trade for this anyday.

View from the yard
Sunset Smith Rocks Oregon
Smith Rocks

4 thoughts on “Best day ever or Sisters to Terrebonne

  1. Glad to see your latest posts – we were wondering about your progress. When we left you and drove over Santiam pass we were talking about how difficult that road is for biking. Enjoy the fabulous Smith Rock and the friendly neighbors. That’s how your trip’s going to go you know: nice folks helping out.

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  2. Joan and Jerry, thanks for your caring and support. It us an amazing adventure of hard stuff and of trail/peoples magic. And you guys are part of it. Thanks again


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