Coburg to Nimrod OR


one week on our journey

thoughts so far

  • every bone in my body aches. and my hip hurts from swinging my leg over the rear of my bike when I get on it. I have to swing really high to get over the panniers. I think i will have to start getting on from the other side to even out the pain. We stopped at a dispenseryand bought some Cbd oil but I’m not convinced of its efficacy yet.
  • mentally I almost feel euphoric.  I fall asleep between 7 and 8 just exhausted. mornings are hard if I look at the topographical map but after a hour or so of riding I’m good.
  • we’ve sent home 4 packages already of things we don’t want to carry. clothes, tablets, Bluetooth keyboard. Such freedom in not having to think about what to wear.  Same thing everyday. At night we throw our riding clothes in the shower and stomp on then while showering. works great. we have to tap out our blog on the phone now so our posts are sloppy but it is what it is.
  • am I losing weight? i am not riding to lose weight. my body serves me well but my fitbit blew up. seriously its hard to keep enough calories coming in and I usually have to force myself to eat. so yes. It’s falling off.
  • how’s the training while actually riding this thing going? great. We worked up to 45 miles a day this week and 50 is about my sweet spot while riding. we take tons of breakscand stop for every little interesting thing.
  • people have been so so good to us. I mean it’s unreal.

7 thoughts on “  Coburg to Nimrod OR

  1. Been following along with you on your adventure. You both are brave and strong to tackle the trip. Looks like beautiful scenery. Enjoy and be safe!


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