Not what we thought


   We thought we were going to be immediately  heading into the hills for a tough day of climbing, our goal to try to get to McKenzie Bridge. Proceeded to go the wrong way from the hotel parking lot and rode two mile into the hill to a dead end:(  The scenery was awsome and the back track was down hill, so no big deal. Figured out where we were supposed to be in Colburg and headed out in correct direction. We were in the Willamette Valley all day and never had to make any big climbs:). What a beautiful ride. We kept stopping to take it in, it is soooo pretty. We were not making very many miles because we were always stopping. 

McKenzie River

We left the Willamette river basin and picked up the McKenzie river pretty quickly. The river was moving pretty fast because of the snow melt up higher. Saw several fishermen along the way, they were trying for salmon, but were having ing no luck. A little early in season they said.

Willamette Valley

It became apparent we were not going to make our goal of McKenzie Bridge because of our dallying so we googled for places to stay. Deb found the Eagle Rock Lodge right on the river.

Eagle River Lodge

  Very relaxing and quiet. It was nice sit and watch the river and the kayakers go by. 

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