The Valley in Between

just the big tree

We have been riding on flat road most of the day between the coastal range and the Cascade Range of mountains.


Had a good time in Corvallis last night. Found the Sky High Brewery and went up to the roof top. Really cool and it comes with cervesas too!

Willamette river through downtown corvallis
south of Corvallis

Todays ride was a very nice quick 40 mile ride through the beautiful valley.  Tidy houses and we’ll kept farms. Beautiful landscaping with azaleas  in full bloom. Wouldn’t mind living here. 

We are in the Willamette Valley. There are mountains all around us. In particular is the one we have to climb tomorrow from Colburg OR to McKenzie Bridge, OR. Hope we have enough chops for this. 57 miles all uphill and the next day is McKenzie Pass. They say McKenzie pass is the prettiest ride on Oregon so we really are/are not looking forward to it. 

We said we were going to find cheap flea bag motels on the way. We found one:(  at the truck stop $45. We are in the Eugene area. It’s not THAT bad but we’ve had better. The A/C works and the shower is good. We’re to tired to care about the rest. 

Happy Trails.

2 thoughts on “The Valley in Between

  1. It is a beautiful trip, I am sure. The reports from Idaho are that this is a very bad season for ticks. I know that is not part of your trip. But ticks are bad this year because of the very snowy winter and rainy spring.


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