Grand Ronde to Corvallis Or


It is slow going in the mornings for us, we usually ride in silence for an hour or so until our muscles warm up. Both of us are very sore but it’s a pretty good feeling. This morning was especially hard because we knew it would be uphill all morning, the road was curvy and we were close to traffic all the way, very exhausting. 

The weather was absolutely beautiful, maybe 80 degrees and sunny,  inland Oregon is a relief after the darker sky’s of the coast.

When we made the summit early afternoon the view was unreal. Mt hood in the distance with vineyards and pastures in the forefront. We passed lots of sheep (yarn! wool!)  The map finally got us off the main roads so we decided to push for Corvallis, a college town. We rode in, pooped around 5pm. Found a hotel in the cool area, cleaned up and headed out to explore. Too bad we can hardly walk.

Found out someone stole our credit card info and has been having fun in Las Vegas. Dealing with that this morning. Also keeping in touch with brother Doug who is left alone dealing with dear mom and dad medical issues. Hard to be away in those times.  Heard from daughter Jill who is on the Pacific Crest Trail. She has the noro virus and is extremely sick, hiking out to get a motel. Seems to be more and more common on the trail.

Heading for the Eugene area today. Looks flat!

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