And the hits just keep on coming-Mike 6-2&3-17

Drinking coffee sitting in a lawn chair, looking out over the buttes in Dayville was the best. Could have stayed forever. However this is a cross country bike ride, so we mounted up and headed out toward John Day. Riding was very pleasant, mostly flat through a valley of hayfields and beef cattle. Got into town pretty early and booked a cheap room. After cleaning up we rode into downtown district for some food and drink. We were locking the bikes up on the sidewalk and a guy comes out and offers to take us and our bikes up to the top of the butte on the edge of town where we could camp and look out for 40 miles in any direction. Wow what an offer, but we had already used and abused our room and didn’t want to pack up again. I really had to think about that one tho. People are so good.

As is our custom we got a late start out of John Day, coffee, breakfast, looking at maps and topography profiles take a lot of time you know. After 10 miles or so we came into Prarie City and saw a fellow bike traveler sitting at a coffee shop, so of coarse we sat and had coffee and exchanged story’s and email addresses.  Also Deb found a lady who spins yarn and weaves really beautiful wraps and stuff. (2 hours into this stop so far). Since we were going to have to camp that night we decuded to shop for a little food for the night and also get a quick sandwhixh at the local cafe. When they want to show an example of laid back slow moving life style I thunk they use this cafe as the most extreme example. (another 1.5 hours). Finally left town and started the climb up Dixie Pass. Of coarse now it was 2 in afternoon and the heat was on. Ride a mile and rest, repeat. Finally made it to the top after 3 extra miles that somehow were not on the map. Whew. But the looonnng down hill was awsome and took us almost to the campground without pedaling. 

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