2 Pass Sunday-Mike 6-4-17

The Bates campground at Junction City was terrific (Oregon has great campgrounds). Turns out it was a free camping day too. I guess the state does that every now and then. 

We had learned a lesson the day before about climbing in the heat of the day, so we packed up pretty quickly and only had 1 cup of coffee and some oatmeal. By 7:15 We were struggling up the first of two passes we needed to do today. The cooler morning weather was much better for this kind of effort. Nothing like working your guts out knowing you have another hill to go after this one. We finally made it over Tipton Pass and then over Sumpter Pass and were getting pretty hungry. There is nothing but prairie and buttes out here, no 7-11’s with cold slushies:( We soldiered on for 10 more miles into Baker City, where we found the first thing that offered food and chowed. The server pointed us toward a cheap motel and we crashed for a long nap. 

I went out later for a barley pop, but Deb couldn’t muster the strength.  It was a Sunday and everything was pretty quiet so I wasn’t out very long before I got tired and crashed again. 

13 thoughts on “2 Pass Sunday-Mike 6-4-17

  1. Thank you again Deb & Mike for the ‘on site’ news of your travels. Always good to be ‘riding along’ and feel what you’re going through.

    with love ~

    Uncle D & Auntie Lou

    David Verwolf 1015 Railroad Avenue, #217 Bellingham, WA 98225 USA

    360.527.5266 davidverwolf@hotmail.com



  2. Did you ever imagine Oregon would be so big? I’ve biked lots of these places and am thinking of your view of the Wallowas from Baker City. Curious to find out how you get into Idaho.


    1. Hi Deb & Mike,Sound liklove Mariee you are having lots of fun.I won’t know you after losing all that weight pedding,you,s are slim as it is.


    1. Gary, this ride is sooo cool, so big, so amazing. We’ve tried to take pictures and tried to write about it but it is beyond my and Debs words to describe


    1. Joan we are doing very well. We travel slow and have been in a “No services” part of Idaho. On top of Lolo Pas right now, first reliable internet in a week.


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