Netarts to Pacific City May 19


Still figuring out Word Press for blogs so bear with us. 

We stayed in a very remote little coastal village last night called Netarts. We headed out for dinner to the only place in town,  a small local packed bar.   We found a seat at the bar and I asked if they had an IPA with a pretty high IBU …my favorite. The older woman bartending ’bout hit me over the head with a skillet she was so mad. She said she didn’t know what an IBU was as was too busy to deal with it.  She then wouldn’t serve us at all. We caught the attention of another server and ordered just like whatever she wanted to get us.  So, that was the highlight of that cute place. Before we left I apologized for upsetting her so much. Sheesh…but our hotel was adorable!

We left the village this morning knowing we would have to climb the highest elevation on the Oregon Coast. After 7 or 8 miles of following the Netarts Bay on Whiskey Creek road it started climbing and climbing. It took us to Cape Lookout Park but it took us nearly two hours to get up the mountain. What a haul. We felt pretty tickled though and came off the mountain, following the coast to Pacific City.

We didn’t know, but Pacific City is preparing for a HUGE biking event which is happening tomorrow. The town is super cute so we found a small room and decided to stay for the night.  Had dinner at a highly recommended little windowless bar that serves fresh caught (from a dorie) fish…watched the pool players and ate the best fish and chips ever.

Tomorrow we start to head inland..will miss the coast but not the prices. It’s very pretty but quite touristy. We hear the scenery will change quickly. 

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