Manzanita to Netarts


All I can say is wow. Oregon has some mighty hills. Whew. 

We woke this morning well rested, all gung ho, ready to go and my tire was flat. I am so thankful Mike is an even tempered patient man. He flipped my bike over and fixed the thing. It has proven to be a bit of a problem…the tire that is, and we have been keeping an eye out for a good repair shop.  No matter what we do to fix it, it cannot hold air. Mike is the smartest mechanic I know, and I know if he could just borrow their repair shop he could fix it in a snap.

We travelled the day just  filling it with air as we go.  Now he is working on it in the hotel room. 

What a guy.
Back to the ride. It was quite a pleasant morning, gentle ups and  downs and I was so looking to visiting the Tillamook cheese factory. That was hilarious!  There was a small kabota tractor in the middle of a gift shop with a picture of various  types of dairy cows. Boo. That was it. It was a huge gift shop. The village of Tillamook was the first industrial town we have ridden through on our ride and we were happy to leave. Loaded up with sharp white Tillamook cheddar. 

After Tillamook we headed out of town on the only road available and it was terrifying. Straight uphill, curvy road with no bike lanes or shoulders. Glad to get out of that one alive.  The nice things about these hills is the wind in our hair on the way down.

Made it to Netarts around 3:30 pm and decided to call it a day so Mike could get my bike in order. 

Staying at another nice beach town resort hotels and we are able to take advantage of off season rates for another week or so. 

One thought on “Manzanita to Netarts

  1. Need grooming as soon as your back, girls miss you! Dixie doesn’t like my brushing her ☹️🐶 Safe travels, keep picture coming….


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