Back on Track

Mon Feb 26, 2018

We woke to a heavy fog and 90 percent humidty in San Marcos. Knowing we had a short day we hung around the hotel until we felt it was at least somewhat safe to travel the 20 miles to New Braunfels. Since we were off route we zigzagged our way through the town and headed out on the rural two lane county and state roads, finding little traffic. We have found the drivers in Texas to be very, very friendly and they give us wide berth, no rolling coal here so far!

About noon we found the cutest town called Gruene (pronounced Green) and the sun came out! This little resort community has an old dance hall responsible for helping start careers of George Strait and Lyle Lovett! I browsed the shops, (I collect little pins for my bike bag) while Mike chatted with some motorcycle adventurers. I could hear them laughing three boutiques down. After some tex-mex food (just add lots of cheese)

We headed into New Braunsfels and the refurbished mansion we were staying at that night. Gorgeous, full of character, friendly.

Heading into town after settling in we found the best country western bar with a little Jimmie Dickens look a like singer.

He serenaded us with a traveling cowboy song. Dennis Jay was his name. A real recording artist who raises horses.

Outdoor firepits, Adirondack chairs and dogs. Really perfect way to end the day.

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