June 14 and 15 Bardstown

It is now September and Mike and I are headed to a new bicycle adventure. I often will run into friends and they ask if we finished our late spring ride across the east coast. Who knew anyone was reading! For our own memories sake I pulled out my diary and will finish tales of that adventure before I start the new one.

June 14. We headed off route to visit the so called bourbon capitol of the world, Bardstown. It was international Bourbon day and we had heard there would be lots of shenanigans going on, Although it was just a short 24 mile detour in 90 degree heat we had to endure very busy roads. We were happy to find a hotel with an outdoor pool which we loved that first afternoon, and after a good cool down we cleaned up and headed into town. They claim to be “the most beautiful small town in America” but Mike and I knew immediately they have nothing on our Saugatuck! The Main Street was bars and antique stores, all geared toward tourism and bourbon. It is the second oldest town in Kentucky and home to “My old Kentucky Home state park”

Dinner that night was at the Old Talbot Inn, built in the 1700’s and reported to be haunted. We had a front row seat to a blind bourbon tasting competition and some fine blues music before we pedaled back to our hotel.

June 15 we thought we would tour some world class distilleries. Though we are not bourbon drinkers, the ancient and time honored tradition is fascinating and the corn used by these distilleries are grown in the fields outside of town. We visited the Barton 1792 distillery (which incidentally has a storage facility collapse on June 22, losing 9000 barrels of booze, then another collapse on the Fourth of July losing another 9000)). After the tour we visited the Bourbon museum and went back to the pool. Good day.

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