First blog post

I have loved riding a bike since the first time my brother pushed me down the hill on a beat up old roadmaster bike. Telling me to steer towards the way you are leaning and it will all be great. I guess it worked out, I’m still alive. And I still love biking. I kind of lost the feeling for a while when I got my drivers license and a car. But it never went away. I found the feeling again by accident when I was looking for a thing that I could do with my youngest daughter. Some Daddy, Daughter time together. We decided to ride the Kal-Haven trail, camp in South Haven and ride back the next day.I didn’t actually make the ride back to k-zoo from South Haven because my knee was killing me, but I was hooked on long distance riding. Hence this blog and my long time bucket list dream. Riding across America on my bike. This blog is about planning and doing that ride.                                             I will try to keep a running commentary of how our plans (my wife Deb is going too) are going and of our ride as we go.


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