It’s about the bikes

20160604_111520It took me a while to figure out how to get back to this blog. Shall we say technology is not my friend.

I’ve been working on the bikes getting them ready to make the 4200 mile trip. Deb is going to ride her Cannondale SR-800, she has had for a long time. She is one with her bike. The wheels that came with the bike only have 16 spokes per rim and we have had some issue with breaking spokes in the past. So I ordered 2 new rims from Velocity with 32 spokes each that I think will be stronger. I put  two new tires and tubes on it and a new rear cassette, along w/ a new chain. There were some options for what gears to use. Knowing we were going to ride some mountains I chose the cassette with the biggest number of teeth on the low gear that I could get. What is called an 11-28 set. Also the bike got a new small chain ring on the front crank set. It had a 30 tooth gear and I went with a 26 tooth gear to give a lower “granny gear’. Over the years of riding Deb had tried a few different saddles on her bike and found that the Brooks women’s is what works for her. We’ve also raised the handle bars up a bit so she isn’t leaning so much forward. We also added a rear rack for carrying panniers.

I bought a new bike for this trip about a year ago. Yes I’ve been thinking about this ride a long time. I got a Surly Longhaul Disc trucker. It is a bike made for this kind of loaded  touring. Of coarse, if you know me, you know I like to tinker with things. So I changed the handlebars and the stem and the shifters and the brake levers and the tires. I added fenders and racks and front and rear lights. Other than that it came with everything I wanted. No one ever said hobbies were cheap.


5 thoughts on “It’s about the bikes

    1. Hey Sister, I just figured out that you had replied. Technology is not my best suit, Hahaha. Thanks for the well wishes.


  1. Nice bike Mike. What shifters did you go with? Where did you put them on the trekking bar? Always wondered what the options were with trekking bars.


  2. Hey Bill, sorry I didn’t comment back. I just figured out you had replied. I went w/ micro shift shifters. they are similar to the bar end shifters only mounted on the handle bars. The whole project took a new stem, new shifters, new brake levers, and new cables along w/ the new trek bars. But I really like how it feels. It was worth the hassle. Also I double wrapped the bars w/ tape for more cushion.


  3. I think many of us are figuring out how this blog works. So now I am joined up and don’t have to rely on David to send everything to me. I can’t wait to see the next information come in. How fun for us. Hugs you two. Aunt Lou


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