One more day

After months of planning, packing and prepacking we are both so ready to just go. Even I am sick of talking about it! I just want to get on my bike and get out of here. If we aren’t ready now i don’t think we will ever be as we have checked off every item on our many lists. The hardest thing now is living in this quiet house as our pets have gone off to their temporary caretakers and it’s way to quiet.

An interesting thing has been going on in our lives though. Our daughter and son-in-law left on May 1 to hike  the Pacific Crest Trail. We are able to talk a bit with them when they have cell phone service and they keep a very  honest blog. Their adventure parallels ours in many ways. We have shared notes on lightweight equipment, clothing, adventure books and now we can follow their emotional journey and it is very similar to ours. Check out their blog!

Jill and Josh PCT blog

Mike has been urging me for months to see if I can pack up my bike with the clothes and items I plan to take so I decided to do that today. Wow. I can take like nothing.  We need clothes to keep us warm over snow covered mountain passes, clothes to hike in and sightsee, hot weather clothing, camping and cooking gear and of course our bicycle clothing. After we get over the mountains we can send home our cold weather gear, but until then it will be quite a feat.

My Panniers

Mike has four panniers since his bike is set up for it and he will be carrying most of the cooking and camping equipment. I will carry sleeping bags and a tent on top of my panniers. We are trying to keep our weight under 50 lbs for each of us so talking to Jill and Josh (who are weight weenies) has helped us considerably. Technology has made this quite doable, and we have collected some nice equipment over our years of adventure cycling!

One thought on “One more day

  1. So excited for you! Looking forward to following along with you and your adventures!

    Much Love,

    Doug & Kathie


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