Sunshine and the Oregon Coast


Today is such a different day than yesterday. Plenty of sunshine and 55 degree day. We got out of Seaside pretty easily. Rode along the Promanade on the water front looking at all of the millon dollar homes with the million dollar views. Pretty quickly out of Seaside the 101 Highway started to climb. Not what I love right out of the box, but did it w/o much complaint. Then we started to  see some of the views of the ocean to make the climbing worth all of the effort. What a beautiful coast line. We came into the little town of Cannon Beach after a while and parked the bikes. There is a coffee shop  about every 50 feet in between the other shops (read as touristy). We picked a place to get our cup of ambition and then wandered around town. Really a pleasant little place. Got ready to go and found Deb had a flat tire. A local bike rental store took care of us and when I asked how much I owed he said “no charge sir”. Pretty cool. I made him take $10 after a few minutes. People are nice dispite what the media says.

We had a couple more climbs to do. It wasn’t terrible after the coffee and the kindness of the bike guy. Took a lot of pictures of the coast. Really hard to get to much of the Oregon coast. We finally got over the last knob and coasted into Manzanita for some food and drink. Big mistake. We talked ourselves into staying after only 24 miles for the day. Got a hotel right on the ocean. Life could be worse:)


6 thoughts on “Sunshine and the Oregon Coast

  1. Hi Mike!
    Reading about the flat tire got me thinking. Would it be a good idea to fill the tires with sealant? Like that green slime type stuff?
    Or carry a repair kit? Glad to read the update! Sounds like an awesome day!


  2. Hi Miguel, not sure why this keeps saying I’m Deb. But I do carry a spare tire and spare tubes and tire repair tools. But we were pretty close to a bike shop and I’m kind of a lazy bike mechanic, you know. Some people do put “juice” in their tires, but it makes them roll harder and not ride well.


  3. Hey Mike,
    Glad you guys are off to a good start and able to see some cool things. Be safe out there. I’m enjoying following you guys.


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