Richland to Brown Lee Dam 6-7 17

We had a nice motel in Richland. The town had  pretty small town kind of feel. C store, feed  and grain, fire barn, bar/restaurant and motel. We checked into motel at 5 or so and by 8 the park lot was full of Big pickups and fishing boats. I tried to talk to a few of them but no much interaction. By 9 they were all inside w/ lights off. At 4 AM the parking lot came alive w/diesel pickups firing up and off they all went with a roar  of dust and diesel. Fishing in the local reservoir must be a big deal???

Deb and I get off to our usual slow start and head out of town, knowing we have a big climb pretty quick out of the box. I think it’s called Richland Pass, but our bike map just says pass. 3653 feet. So we’re sweating up the pass and this old rancher in a jeep buzzes past my handle bars about 18 inches away. There was no reason to be that close as I could see in both directions for half a mile at least. I was instantly pissed and flipped him off. Bad idea. He pulled over and got out and went immediately to the ditch and picked up a rock. He came storming at me and was going to bash my head in. Not exactly sir of all the details from there but he never did hit me. Deb started taking pictures of him and his vehicle etc. I think that got him thinking about things . He read me the riot act about being on that road and how we shouldn’t be there etc etc. For 20 minutes he went off.  Finally after he cooled off I made my point that if you were so concerned about my health, why did you buzz me so close. I wouldn’t have flipped you off if you had straddled the center line like the other 500 cars that have passed me today. Just another day on the bike.

After the summit we coasted down thru Halfway and further on into part of the Hells Canyon Rec area. Stopped at a C store for a cold drink and started talking to the owner. He said you’re having pretty good weather today. Usually it around 110 degrees by this time of year here. I guess 90 wasn’t as bad as I thought. 

We rode on to Owbow and crossed over the dam into another canyon where the Snake river was rammed up to form the Brown Lee Reservoir. The water was dead calm and I got a few pictures of the reflections. It was a hot ride in the canyon and we were really glad to find a campground and cool off by the river. 

8 thoughts on “Richland to Brown Lee Dam 6-7 17

    1. Gina!! So good to hear from You! We made it! 3000 miles! We are already planning our next trip.such an amazing summer! We thought of you often
      How was your trip!


      1. Wow! I am so impressed. After the last blog post, Tim was convinced you were dead 😱 What a crazy and awesome experience. Our trip was fantastic! We caught the cruise ship in Seattle. We did find your relative in (Juno, I think). It was pouring down rain but I was on a mission to find their store. We asked around to young and old people and everyone claimed they didn’t know them. Just as we were about to give up, I drug Tim down this creek side path of little shops and I found them!!! I collect Christmas tree ornaments from each area so I can write the date of the trip on the back. I was tickled that I was able to by a hand made one by the cashier at their shop. Ps, he is a wonderful photographer and I picked up a few of his prints – and I am not a shopper! Sorry I don’t have the details of their name or shop – we are back on the road again. This time we decided to drive to Arizona via the Grand Canyon. We drove through the canyons of Colorado, went to the National Arches which were breath taking! Then we stayed in a cute cabin at the base of Marble Canyon and spent a whole day at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon – we thought we would drive up & stay about an hour and drive to the South Rim in the same day – wrong! So much prettier than the South Rim and a lot more rustic and primitive with lots of hiking trails. We were scheduled to drive to Phoenix that day. By the time we drove around the canyon, our day was done. We got super lucky and got two hotel rooms right on the South Rim. We had called to book this 6 months ago and they were already sold out, so this was such a suprise and thrill! We checked in when it was pitch dark & walked to dinner, not quite sure what the view would be along the black “abyss” on our walk. We woke up to a spectacular view from our room! We ended up spending about 4 hours doing a leisurely walk along the rim and taking in the more touristy attractions. I was happy that this part of the Grand Canyon had paved walk-ways and didn’t make me feel like I was on the edge of death!!! Drove into Phoenix last night where we are staying at our friends house for a few days (they were on this entire trip with us) then it’s back to Nebraska for us and back to work. We did squeeze in one more trip between the one we met you on and this one. Our daughter got married in Riverton, WY, so we spent a week exploring that beautiful area.

        So happy we met you. We have talked about you often to our friends!


      2. We stopped blogging be when internet became spotty and we found we were just sooo pooped at night. I guess I should post a recap!


  1. PS – I have a great photo of you on the train. Our little old guy who like to tell the jokes had you cracking up and I snapped the cutest picture! So wishing I would have blogged about that train ride. So many interesting people we met and the details are already starting to fade.


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