Brown Lee dam to Cambridge 6-8-17

Our ride out of Brown Lee dam was pretty steep for a few miles and then leveled off and stayed pretty close to the reservoir for a while. The whole day was riding along one river or another up and down up and down. Pretty but not really outstanding. We got to Cambridge Idaho and found a room at the Frontier Inn. Nice place and a nice town. After cleaning up we went looking for food and cervesas. The little bar In town had some one out back cooking brisket and ribs and you could get a plate for 10$. We’ll take two. As we sat there eating we notice a dog in the bar (they allow dogs in Idaho). He goes up to a patron and bumps his nose into his leg the guy turns and puts a dollar in the dogs mouth and it turns and goes around the end of the bar and gives it to the bar tender.  Dog gets a treat the bar tender is making a fortune. We sit for a few minutes and sure enough to dog bumps Deb in the leg and looks up for a tip. What a racket. Wish I had thought of it haha. 

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