Cambridge to Counsil 6-9-17

Today’s ride was pretty short. The sky was always dark and stormy looking and it would spit and sputter all day. Finally it started to get more serious toward the end. We got into Council expecting to find a room, only to find that they were building a by-pass route around town for traffic and the had torn down the only motel in town. Plan B. Ask around town. Some guy (Pat) at the local coffee shop says “let me call my buddy”. Turns out the “buddy” is Ron who runs an RV camp site, but has an unfinished room he is making into a Hostel for bikers. We could stay inside out of the rain if we wanted. Heck yeah. Showers and laundry in the next building over. Sweet. The weather got better after a while and we sat outside under a canopy enjoying the view until bed time.


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