Self preservation is paramount 6-10-17

We left Council heading for New Meadows. We knew from friends we made along the way that were ahead of us that this road was not really great for riding . Busy and naroww w lots of trucks. We left early and hoped that because it was Saturday the ride wouldn’t be too bad. We made 17 miles and both of us were a nervous wreck. It was a 2 lane road our side was 8 feet wide, a white line and a 60 degree bank down to the river along side of the road. We pulled into a Cafe along the route and went in to contemplate whether this was worth it. Deb starts talk8ng to the owner of the place, telling him about how nerve wracking the road is. After talking and drinking coffee for a while Deb says to him “I’ll give you $75 to take us to Grangeville (past the bad part). After a while he says I’m thinking. Deb s says $100. Deal. 

 So we got a ride and saved our lives for a $100. Good plan Honey.

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