Grangeville to Lowell Idaho. 6 -11-17

The Grangeville Super 8 was very comfy and we did not want to leave. At breakfast Deb ran into two riders who were doing the same ride we are. A father and son. Turns out he grew up in Muskegon Michigan and is a Hope graduate. Deb and Carl compared notes for a long time. We have been following their blog since then to pick up tips a out the upcoming route. (I’m actually writing this on 6-19. Two days ago some jerk thru a large chunk of ice out of a moving vehicle and hit Ben, the son in the shoulder. Not cool.)

We had a heck of a time figuring out the route out of Grange Ville, but eventually got on the right road the ride was really pretty, mostly flat, except for an epic downhill down Lamb Grade Road. I wish I had an inclinometer to tell you how steep it was. It was steep and lo n g enough that the rims on Debs bike got so hot from the brakes that it blew out the front tire. It shriveled up the rim tape between the tube and the rim and cut the tube. Lucky she was just coming to a stop at the bottom of the hill. 

So I fixed yet another tire. We rode on into Kooskia and had a really awesome meatloaf sandwich at the local diner. 

Another 23 miles and we were in Lowell Idaho where we found an old but comfy motel right on the Middle Fork of the Clearwater river. 

There was a restaurant next to the motel where we ordered and while we were waiting, two riders came in. We invited Jesus and Jeff to join us and tell about themselves. They were both riding the Trans AM Race which is the same route we are doing only they are trying to see how fast they can do it. (Totally opposite of Deb and I. We diddle around so much we may not ever get there. lol)  Jesus was from Arizona and not really into racing, but doing it for the experience. Jeff was a software/computer engineer. He was trying to figure stuff out on the ride. He and his wife were on the outs. That’s as exciting as it gets in Lowell Idaho:)

3 thoughts on “Grangeville to Lowell Idaho. 6 -11-17

  1. I think you’ve figured this out by now but on long steep downhills where you are braking a lot, pulse the brakes and stop periodically to cool the rims. And sorry to hear about the human hazards in Idaho. You are getting to use all of your skills and resourcefulness.

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