Big Hole Montana 6-17-17

The path out of Missoula is paved and pretty easy, it rides along a railroad track that hasn’t been used for a while. There was was a long line of coal cars on the tracks that had not moved in a long while. The rust on the tracks and on the wheels of the cars tells me this track isn’t viable any more. The path went into Lolo MT and then on through Stevensville toward Hamilton our goal for the day. The Bitterroot Valley is what we were riding thru. Very pretty and historic. Lewis and Clark went through here and there are historic/histeric markers all along the route.  Deb and I stopped in Hamilton and started to look for a place to stay, the first place we went to was full up, but the nice lady at the desk  called every place in town until she found a place for us. THANK YOU LADY AT BITTEROOT INN. We stayed at the City Center Motel. Right down town and short walk to a brewery.  Perfect and reasonably priced too. 

This tour is way too much fun , not sure if I will be able to go back to work when we get done.(sorry Rick)

3 thoughts on “Big Hole Montana 6-17-17

  1. Deb and Mike… I can tell that you are not aware that the Verwolf family roots are where you are. You have ‘cousins” Deb in the Bitterroot Valley…in Hamilton, Corvallis etc. Before you go too much further get the ‘skinny’ from your dad or Uncle David…there are old houses to look at where your grandfather, Bill…lived with his family…on the original Verwolf homestead… Manhatten? Verwolf cemetery with named headstones. Amsterdam?…ask your dad. Also ask Joanne, I will give you her email address on a separate email. It is in the Galatin Valley. YOu can follow the Galatin River up in Yellowstone (River Runs Through It filmed)…and find Joannes father buried in a special cemetery at Big Sky Chapel. Maybe Joanne would take you on a tour with her car so you can see it all. We have our reunions outside of Kalispell every other year at Bitterroot Lake at a You just missed a great stay with cousin Joanne Verwolf in the Saphire Mts. in Corvallis, close to Hamilton. We should have made sure you knew all that. Email Joanne right away!


    1. Lou! I was aware of our roots in the area but didn’t how close we were in Hamilton! it is hard to explore when you only have loaded bikes!
      Mike wrote that post yesterday but we were actually in hamilton a week ago..such gorgeous area! We are in Virginia City.
      So yes, quite aware of the roots! just not Hamilton!

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