Oh look, there’s a river next to the road. 6-12,13-17. byMike

The motel in Lowel was another one of those 1950 style buildings. 6 rooms w outside doors, gravel out front. Air conditioner was a later addition and they just cut a hole in the wall and stick in a window unit. It was clean though and we were tired so it was great. 

For the next 66 miles we followed the Lochsa River along side of the road, it got to be a joke after a while (Oh look there’s a river along side of the road). We saw a lot of people rafting on the river and there was plenty of white water to make it interesting. The route was also too long for us to make it all the way to Powell, so we camped along the bank at The wilderness Gateway state park. Really a pretty place and very relaxing. 

Packed up the camp site and had coffee, got on the road pretty on time (Oh look there’s a river along side of the road:)  The sky was dark and stormy looking all day and we expected rain, but all day long it would only spit a little and never really rain. We reached Powell just as the rain finally got series, pulled into Lochsa Lodge and they had a really nice cabin style room with a gas fireplace. It was really nice.  The day had been pretty cold and dark and the the canyon kept getting more and more narrow. We also were gaining altitude all day so by the time it started  to rain we could see our breath. That fireplace was the perfect thing right then. 

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