Lolo Pass- Mike 6-14-17

We were nervous about getting over Lolo Pass. We are getting better at it with every one we climb, buy it is srill pretty hard. So we got up early and ate breakfast and were on the road early. There were a few miles to warm up on before we actually started climbing and we kind of needed it to get the stiffness out of our legs. We’ve kind of developed a routine that we climb for a mile and rest, repeat as needed until the grade gets too steep and do .75 mile etc. Lolo was a little different, there were historical markers from Lewis and Clark and we tried to make it to them before we stopped. Worked out pretty good and learned a lot of cool stuff in the process. At the top of the pass there is a really nice visitor center and we hung out there for an hour, since it was the first phone and internet signal we have had in 4-5 days. Having caught up on social media we headed down from the pass w/o a peddle stroke for miles. About time.  

At the bottom of the hill we saw signs for “moose crossing” . We looked and looked for one, but no luck. Deb started calling “here moosey, moosey, moosey”. For some reason that didn’t get much result;)  Because of the pass we had decided to stay at Lolo Hot Springs and go for a soak. Pretty nice.

2 thoughts on “Lolo Pass- Mike 6-14-17

  1. Lou & I remember Lolo Pass well, camped up there & nearly froze. Met a bicycle group at the top. Beautiful country.

    Keep those pedals turn’n!

    Turn’n Turn’n Turn’n

    with love ~

    Uncle D (& Auntie Lou)

    David Verwolf 1015 Railroad Avenue, #217 Bellingham, WA 98225 USA



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  2. Hi Deb & Mike ~
    All trips come to an end. 2900 miles would be considered an above average try by anyones standard ~ good on ya! I know there have been bunches of great experiences along the way. Life transforming ones. Don’t know if you felt this, but there’s a large gulf between meeting strangers face to face and what we see and hear in the politico saturated news that sometimes I wonder if we’re talking the same country. People are mostly so darn good and helpful.
    I have felt reading your emails that you’re much stronger in spirit, and certainly in body, from your ride. What a great way to see the world. Hurrah for you’se guys!
    Next year Vancouver to San Diego. May I suggest giving you a lift from Seattle or Bellingham to Vancouver with perhaps a day around Bellingham. Besides the shear enjoyment of being with your Uncle & Aunt, this is a beer town. Two craft breweries within one block from us. And you know we like beer.
    Lou arrives maybe tomorrow or the next days. She’s got’be full of stories too.
    warm hugs to you both ~
    Uncle David (& Aunt Lou)
    David Verwolf 1015 Railroad Avenue, #217 Bellingham, WA 98225 USA


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