Lolo Hot to Missoula 6-15,16,-17

From the hot springs to Lolo was more flat and more beautiful valley w mountain peaks to look at. After a while its so routine we stopped sending pictures cause each one is so unique and amazing but when I take a picture, it just doesn’t reveal the awesome beauty and the scale of how big things are. 

We had a bite to eat in Lolo and then got on a dedicated path north towards Missoula. Missoula is so cool. We spent two days cause we were tired and needed supply etc. We would have gladly just thrown out the anchor here and stayed. Very vibrant town . Night life was always going, bikes and outdoor life is what it’s all about in Missoula. We went to a river(they have 3 that come into town and leave as one). Apparently the town put something in the river to make a wave that people go out and surf on that one wave in the river). Missoula has the only surf shop not on a coast. 

After a nice stay at  The City Center Motel we had to get going. (We also stayed at a city center motel in Hamilton, no relation). We retraced some of our route back to Lolo and then south past there to Hamilton. 


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