May 7, 2018

Mike and I feel pretty smug and confident planning our trips from the comfort of our living room chairs in the middle of our Michigan winters. Fun! Rewarding! Adventurous! Now we quietly load our panniers and bicycles into the back of our pickup so our dear friend can drop us off at the train station in early dawn light.

We dare not look each other in the eye, we are each deep in our own thoughts.

The Holland MI Amtrak takes us to Chicago where we have a nine hour wait til we can load our bikes on the Capitol Limited headed to Washington DC. It is a gorgeous day in Chicago so we ride the bikes out to the lakeshore, and easily spend the day exploring the lakeshore and stopping now and then to crack open a book and sit in the grass to read.

I want so bad to pop into Nordstrom but I just can’t carry any purchases cross country, and Mike is the worst shopper. Ugh. Thinking about it tears me up šŸ™‚

Figuring it out in Union Station
Chicago Lakeshore

Before long we are settled in on the train for the 18 hour ride..we both love the train. Mike camps out in the observation car and I knit and listen to podcasts in a roomy seat. We have already forgotten about work, knowing it is all in good hands.

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