May 8 and 9, 2018

The train arrives in Washington DC early! It is just past noon and beautiful here! The Azaleas and Bradford pear trees are in full bloom. We ride the 2 miles to our VRBO in a cute edge of Capital Hill row house. Super cheap, clean and a $7 uber ride to the Capitol.

We quickly shower and head out to explore. Riding our bikes in the bigger cities is actually not difficult because the bike lanes are well marked and drivers are used to sharing the road. Tons of cyclists in DC and the bike share program seems to be very popular.

We only have one day in town so we choose to do a guided bus tour. These are really pretty cool. You get a knowledgeable person telling you interesting things and driving you around. We love them. We have been in DC several times before but learned so much more on this bus tour. The our tour guide April is my new BFF.

After our fantastic tour we headed out to lunch and back to our apartment to clean up before meeting a fellow transam rider for dinner.

We had met Lee last summer while riding and spent a great evening reminiscing and plotting future rides together! Love that guy!

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