May 11, Historic Williamsburg

Woke up pretty early to spend the day visiting Historic Williamsburg.

The Capitol

I talked Mike into participating in a court proceeding. He was found guilty

Beautiful Allee
Every night at 5
Silversmith workshop. Swoon

This was pretty fun for me because I have always wanted to be a historical interpreter, and we both love history. We had our bicycles so we were able to buzz around the village and the slow moving groups very nicely, highly recommended in fact. The village was quite empty, I think we came at such a good time of year.

The Innkeeper

Once again one of the most interesting parts of the day came after our tour rather serendipitously. We stopped by a renowned seafood restaurant for dinner, Berret’s Seafood And Taphouse Grill. Sitting at the bar, as we usually do, we met the most interesting guy. Tommy Leggett is an oyster farmer who harvests and delivers his oysters fresh everyday to this restaurant. He works alone, and loves his work. He told us of the many years he spent in college working towards his PhD in marine biology, but found the physical work much more satisfying. We could have listened to his stories all night, his life not unlike Mikes.

Tommy Liggett

York River Oysters

4 thoughts on “May 11, Historic Williamsburg

  1. I’m glad you’re still blogging your trips. This takes me back. I grew up in Michigan and visited Williamsburg with my parents when I was around 11. Enjoy the trip!


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