May 12 and 13 Yorktown

A short 14 mile ride up the Coloniel Parkway (record breaking heat, 95 degrees) brought us into the very small village of Yorktown, much smaller than we had imagined.

Colonial Parkway

The downtown area is all beach and cute little shops, tons of traffic and beachgoers and a farmers market.

Downtown Yorktown

We called the contact number we had for the church in town which offers free lodging for cyclists and we were overwhelmed with the offerings! A whole house used just for things like this! The house sits on a bluff overlooking the York River and was adorable.

Front yard free million dollar view
Little church house belonging to Grace Episcopal Church
The official start (or end) of the transamerica trail

We spent the night and next day visiting the Revolutionary War Museum and Yorktown Battlefields. As a reminder, Yorktown was the location of the last battle of the Revolutionary war. Lord Cornwallis surrendered here. Big Stuff.

Revolutionary War Museum

Saturday night we ran into this super cute couple who were as addicted to self employment and fun as we are. Patty and Matt live nearby but decided to spend the night and enjoy the music.

Cute couple! Patty and Matt!

And of course last but certainly a blast to watch, this little spitfire, fastest bartender in town. Stephanie, who always matches her hair to her shirt!

Super Speedy Stephanie!

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