May 14 Yorktown to Chickahominy River Park

So sunny and warm as we left Yorktown this morning. We got back on the Colonial Parkway and headed towards Williamsburg and then on to Jamestown. As usual we stopped for a long breakfast where we happened upon a fantastic 50’s diner (Shortys) owned by a retired harness racer from near us back home. Small world. He retired, opened a diner, and is more successful than ever. Crazy.

More Parkway

We made it to Jamestown to explore some more before getting on the Capital bike trail, a 51 mile long bike path that runs from Jamestown to Richmond. Easy riding!

Founders Club, not the founders we know and love in Grand Rapids

51 miles of this!

We made it to the county owed park of Chickahominy River which boasted two swimming pools, canoe rentals, ect. Being near 95 degrees we were so excited to get there only to find pools were closed and tent sites without water or electric $32 a night. We took it. All alone in the campground.

We set up our new super light weight tent, cooked dinner and settled in for the night before suddenly the wind became unbelievably strong (a derecho we later found out) we could hear trees falling around us and ran in the dark to the bathrooms.

Blue dot is our tent
Our campsite

Rather exciting and scary night. We have been in terrible storms before in a tent and have great respect for the weather.

One thought on “May 14 Yorktown to Chickahominy River Park

  1. There is definitely such a thing as too exciting. Glad you didn’t get tree smashed. The bike path looks like an amazing treat.


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