May 15 Richmond

The morning was sunny and calm, like nothing had happened at all. We woke up to the sound of the William and Mary University Rowing club on the river next to our tent, their rowing venue based in our park.

William and Mary Rowing Club

We packed up and were back on the beautiful bike trail by 8am, passing plantations and roadside commemorative plaques. We stopped to visit Sherwood Forest Plantation, home of President John Tyler (10th president) Of Tippecanoe and Tyler Too fame.

President Tylers house
President Tylers Pet Cemetery. Even his horses are here.

Late morning we came upon a cafe, rather nondescript, but we decided to get a early lunch. What an amazing fresh, creative meal we had! Homemade bread, fresh dressings, crisp lettuce, really rare to find on the road.

Little cafe with great food
Vivian, breadmaker extraordinaire!

Vivian is 78 years old and makes the bread fresh every morning. She worked in the kitchen of a plantation most of her life.

Back on the road the day was quickly getting very hot and muggy. We decided to go off route and head into Richmond, the capital of Virginia to see the Capitol Building as we had heard the tours were fantastic. So very hot we decided at the last minute to get a room at the downtown hostel and not continue on to Ashland as we had planned. We needed more time in this historic town!

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