May 16 Richmond Again

We got to our hostel just as it started to rain again, but the hostel was so gorgeous! Found a local brewery before getting to bed early.

We had a lazy morning doing wash and sending another box home before heading out for the Capitol building tour. It is quite an amazing building because Thomas Jefferson designed it with the help of a French Architect, and they modeled it after a Roman building, perhaps a little kick in the pants to the British and the Colonial designs they favored.

Part time legislators work well here
A+ to our tour guide!
Thomas Jefferson had a lot to do with how State Capitols look today

Our tour guide was so good, so knowledgeable. We both love a good tour guide.

Finished the tour in time for another downpour so we ubered it out to a local popular pub for dinner, then back to the hostel.

2 thoughts on “May 16 Richmond Again

  1. I love your pictures and reading about your trip. I will be relieved, however, when you are safely back at home.


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