May 17 Ashland

Rain again this morning but no more postponing the inevitable. We had to move forward. Off we went towards Ashland, a small railroad town. Before long the sun came out and we had a very nice ride through the outskirts of Richmond, the huge houses and yards, more historic buildings and plantations.

Many neighborhoods in Richmond have great statues

We got to the cute,very well kept town, found a great coffee shop and after a little break headed out to ride through the gorgeous campus of Randolph-Macon.

We found a cheap hotel, an extremely good farm to table restaurant and listened to the rain. Again. I mean a downpour!

Tiny town of Ashland Virginia

We have begun to rely on Uber at night to explore the towns in the rain!

4 thoughts on “May 17 Ashland

  1. Keep up the blogging, some of us live vicariously through your travels and need to feel like we’re drafting behind you 🙂 Gary


  2. I’m enjoying this trip, minus the rain. You seem to be finding lots of great places – you should be the tour guides!


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