May 18 Mineral

Once again we woke to beautiful weather, though the forecast said rain. Heading out of town we ran into two women riding the Transamerica bicycle trail, the same route as us, it was so good to connect and ride with others. We rode through roads littered with downed trees, pooling water, and flooding. Schools were closed and so were roads.

Help from the locals

We continued on with Brythnie and Keri and listened to their interesting story.

There is a non profit for military veterans which provides wilderness experiences totally free of charge for those accepted into the program.

Warrior Expeditions

Wilderness Expedition support vehicle

This program provides experiences such as hiking, biking, kayaking. Once accepted they support you on your experience. Brythnie and Keri, both veterans had been accepted into this program and were riding beautiful bikes with all wonderful supplies, sponsored by companies. What a gift!

We rode with them until Mike and I decided to take a different route to our destination, we all met at the Mineral Fire Department.

Mineral is a small town with a huge heart. The fire department for years has been hosting cyclists, providing camping or indoor shelter, showers, electric and bathrooms. No charge. It was rain in the forecast so we headed into their large meeting room and all staked our claim to floor space.

Thank you Mineral Fire Department!
Our little corner

Feeling the generosity and goodness of others today.

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