May 19 Scottsville

Dark skies this morning and a threat of rain, along with poor planning on our part provided us with a real dilemma. We were headed to Charlottesville VA but due to University graduations there was no lodging within 50 miles of the town. Camping in the rain was not an option (for me). We sat in the local library for an hour, using their internet, searching for options.

We made the big decision to bypass Charlottesville and head south to Scottsville where we found a room at a bed and breakfast. Off we went.

All day
Thank you little store in the middle of nowhere!

It was a long wet day of 50 miles in the drizzle and rain, but when we climbed to the top of the town and saw our accommodations we were thrilled.

Gorgeous Home!
Chester House

This was once the summer home of the Dilliards, of the department store chain. The grounds were designed as an arboretum so it was gorgeous.

Chester Bed and Breakfast

After a long bath and rest we headed into the town, which super cute and clean, all on the James River. The big thing in town was Karaoke at the local brewery, but it started at 9pm, past our bedtime. Had a wonderful meal at the local pub.

Scottsville doings.

The most amazing thing about our B and B though was the now owner was a retired Navy guy who spent his life designing aircraft carriers! How cool is that! And Jean, his wife with her needlework! Swoon.

Coffee by the pond in the morning and a lovely breakfast followed.

The whole thing was a bit of a splurge for us, but what a treat!

One thought on “May 19 Scottsville

  1. Yes, Deb & Mike are sending back great videos and are committed to a super project. Really enjoy the videos and how they balance hard physical times with good food/beer, the beauty of the landscape and historic sites. It’s the sort of thing that boarders ones horizon.
    ~ Uncle D


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