May 20 Waynesboro

We sadly had to leave our wonderful B and B, knowing the mountains and climbing would really begin today.

Of course we took a wrong turn first thing, but quickly got back on track. The countryside was gorgeous, lots of farms and views of the Blueridge Mountains.

Country Roads

Quite heavenly. As the day wore on though the hills became more steep, the humidity rose to 100% and the temperature was 95 degrees. When it gets like this Mike and I ride at our own pace, Mike usually a half mile ahead. He stops often to let me catch up, but there is little chit chat.

It was just slow going. Both of us struggling and hot we rounded a curve mid afternoon and found what appeared to be an old grocery store with lots of cars parked near it. Of course we stopped. Inside was an oasis of fine cheeses and wines, a few tap handles, a fresh deli and tables of well off people our age enjoying mountain music. I looked for Ina Garten, it was that crowd.

We stayed as long as we dared, dripping sweat on the tables and enjoying the music, getting strange looks from the well heeled crowd. Oh how we wanted to stay…oh well. Mike talked about it the next five miles.

We were nearing Waynesboro when we had such a steep climb on a road that had no shoulders and heavy, heavy traffic. We just inched up it slowly, stopping often for water. It was so tough and we had to push our 90lb bikes often, just to stay safe and off the road. The roads we have traveled on in Virginia have been wonderfully paved and curvy, but few have shoulders. We have also found there are few switchbacks on the ascents, most likely due to the age of the road system. Everything is straight up or straight down.

We finally enjoyed the long descent into Waynesboro just in time for a huge downpour. Found a local brewery, dove in and enjoyed a great cold beer and fantastic meal from the food truck..We are feeling stronger but somedays it is pretty tough.

2 thoughts on “May 20 Waynesboro

    1. Oh thanks joan. It feels odd putting it out there but i want to remember and wish i had started years ago!. Thoughtful of you to comment.


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