May 21 Royal Oak Cabins

Before leaving Waynesboro we stopped at a large outfitter store as this is a big Appalachian Trail town. We had talked to several hikers and they all spoke of the rain and cold on the trail, record numbers of hikers leaving. Like bike touring, hiking is really a mental game more then just physical, and many who start out just cannot adjust.

Mike had his bike derailleur adjusted at the outfitters and then off we went to enter the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Being a Monday and before Memorial day we were alone and quite tickled at having the Park to ourselves. The hills were relentless but it was sunny and gorgeous.

We stopped at every turn off and took our time getting to the Cabin we had reserved for the night. As I type this I just remember the beauty, so quick we are to forget the effort!

As usual, we were beat by the end of the day and were delighted at the little cabin that had rented for so cheap!

Royal Oak cabins

Just as we settled in we heard a knock on the door, another bike tourist, Max was camping just down the road. After trading tales of woe, we were in bed by 8, and the huge storm hit shortly after. Poor Max was able to stay dry in his hammock, but we were glad we weren’t in a tent. It was actually pretty cozy.

We woke to heavy fog, but Max, who started out before us, texted to assure safe riding conditions.

5 thoughts on “May 21 Royal Oak Cabins

  1. Some day all of your adventures should be in a book…kind of like a picture book. It will be original and truly interesting.


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