May 24 ad 25 Natural Bridge

We have plenty of time before we have to be home and so much to see, we decided to ride off our planned route and spend some time at Natural Bridge State Park. We headed out of Lexington towards a KOA campground near the Bridge. After setting up our tent, we rode the four miles to Natural Bridge, so glad we decided to visit!

It was breathtaking! A two mile hike through an Indian exhibit,

waterfalls, nice paths and lots of snakes.

Quite amazing. The park was surrounded by remnants of the 50’s, old dinasour parks and creepy zoos. Spooky.

Old 50’s graveyard for creepy stuff

A nice ride back to the KOA, a stop at the brewery by the campground with lots of great conversation with the locals. Dinner and bed.

The next morning was so sunny, the campground and pool looked so nice, we decided to stay one more night. We read and sat by the pool all day. Had fun talking to other campers, one more trip to the beautiful brewery before bed.

View from the brewery

Nice couple of days.

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