May 26 Daleville

Happy to get on our bikes again to head towards Daleville. A bit of climbing and lots of rollers and following the freeway.

So fun

Virginia is just so beautful. The honeysuckles line the roads we are on, the dogwoods and rhododendrons are in full bloom, and we have yet to ride on a flat or straight road.

We both feel stronger every day and I know I have to ride at least 2.4 miles an hour to keep my surly upright on the uphills.

Here’s our sign!

We rode in drizzle most of the day and the roads got more and more remote before the skies finally just opened up and dumped on us. We arrived at our hotel soaked and tired and thankful.

A little rest and a quick shower gave us a second breath and we were eager to meet up with Lee, a fellow bike tourist who lives in the area and who met us for dinner. It is so fun to plan future tours together and discuss bikes and gear with a great guy!

Daleville is a hiker town, as it is just off the Appalachian trail.

Hiker taking a break
Pappy. 87 year old adventurer
There it is!

We talked to many hikers (and we all fought for the bananas at the breakfast buffet in the hotel). Daleville is also home to Ballast Point Breweries east coast operation, their Brewery here much like a large Walmart. It was interesting to visit, but they need to visit Founders for lessons. Still like my Sculpin, just not as much now😊

That is rain

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