May 28 Blacksburg

Once again a wrong turn out of the hotel in the morning, which turned out to be an omen for the day. Our route took us zigzagging all through the country roads and before long we were two tracking it far away from civilization.

After getting ourselves straightened out we had a pleasant ride again through the country.

So so lost

Lots of hills again today as we are still in the Appalachian Mountains.

Our maps had us headed to Christianburg, but we knew Blacksburg is the home of Virginia Tech and others had told us how nice it was so we headed that way. Boy, were they right! Tidy town with bookstores and coffee shops and good food! We certainly had to work for it though. A climb into town on a narrow road made our little Inn seem even nicer than it was. And it was super nice.

Nicest Blacksburg Inn!

The clerk suggested a Farm to Table restaurant outside of town so after cleaning up an Uber driver took us out there. Raining again.

Rising Silo

I hesitate to write about all the breweries we visit as I fear some may think poorly of us, but then, I write about them anyways as we love to visit local breweries and we are nice people. So, there is that.

Rising Silo

This brewery and restaurant were almost perfect. Long tables encouraging conversation, firepits, live mountain music and food grown on site. Truly worth riding 50 miles for. It was a quiet monday night there, but very enjoyable. Really nice town.

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