May 29 Newbern

I wished we had thought to take a picture of the Ginko trees that lined the downtown streets of Blacksburg, they were so pretty as we made our way out of town on a very well kept and well used bike trail.

The trail took us through the Virginia Tech campus, all the way to the town of Christianburg with coal history exhibits along the way, just a great way to start the day.

We soon were abruptly dumped behind a Walmart where we had to pick our way through traffic to find the backroads again. We passed many small traditional churches, and houses proudly displaying the confederate flags with chained dogs protecting whatever.

We are a complicated people!

It was such a muggy day again, we were glad when a downpour just rinsed us off, both of us getting moldy. Lots of climbing and hard work, we were happy the gross, rundown hotel in Newbern had working air, and the mexican restaurant next door could saute some veggies for us.

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