May 30 Whytheville

We headed out climbing again after a quick oatmeal in our hotel room. Just ten miles into the day we came to a most unusual old house turned into a coffee shop and restaurant.

What a gift! It wasn’t in a town (that we could tell) but our bikes just swerved automatically into the parking lot. This is why we ride. This little place roasts their own coffee and bakes their own cupcakes…but we were there for the coffee.

We weren’t there ten minutes before a few bike tourists came in, then a few more..15 in all. They were a group of supported riders (vans carrying their supplies and organizing food and sleeping arrangements) It was fun talking to them, many amazed we went unsupported.

A beautiful sight!

Mike and I amazed someone would pay to tell them where to sleep and eat. That’s why we are self employed.😁Actually, there are many ways to tour and we support supported tours!

We climbed again for the rest of the day, passing through no towns, just very rural and beautiful countryside.

All the rain has made Virginia even more vivid green

My Surly Disc Trucker is proving to be wonderful on the hills and I don’t know how I went across the Rockies without it. Good equipment make it so pleasant.

A big pull into the town of Whytheville, another cheap hotel, as my daughter says if the bed is uncomfortable, it is because you didn’t ride (or hike) hard enough.

2 thoughts on “May 30 Whytheville

  1. Appreciating the equanimity you take with you. As a friend of mine who traveled in Morocco said, “We greeted everything that happened as though we had planned it.”


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