June 1 Troutdale

After catching up on wash and errands in Wytheville we rode out on a very windy morning.

We kept checking the map to assure ourselves we would be having the wind to our backs soon but no such luck. We can’t complain about the weather, it is just weather, but the conditions can certainly change our ride.

It was another day of slow steady climbing and for some reason the day was especially difficult for both of us.

Peaceful fishing spot
Followed the freeway for miles

We found a great Amish bakery to help fortify ourselves but it still was such a push all day.

Just as the rain opened up on us we enjoyed a great downhill to the very small “town” of Troutville, where a Baptist church had a hostel for hikers and bikers.

Nice church with a heart for travelers
Our nice creepy hostel

It was very, very nice, a clean building set high on a hill with showers and bunks. It was also very scary quiet. There was a middle aged man who seemed to have made the hostel his permanent residence. He claimed to be hiking the AT, but we saw little evidence of it. Just us and him, like a movie.

It just poured rain that night so hard we were glad once again to have shelter. We were also glad to skeedaddle in the morning.

5 thoughts on “June 1 Troutdale

  1. Hi Deb and Mike…thanks for keeping us up on your adventure. Deb I am so happy that your ‘new’ bike is helping you up some of those hills. It seems like the way is mostly UP! I sit here in my favorite chair, window open a bit, a grey day which is much appreciated (I am not a sun worshipper). I see bamboo on our deck and a lovely tall tree just beyond that …and then apartment buildings. A quiet Sunday morning. Nothing on our agenda. Just finished reading poetry to each other…one of Herrera’s and another of Hayden Carruth’s. It starts our day out with some interesting discussion usually. Along with yummy espresso that David whips up. We cut our book tour short with seven venues left to go…a bit of a health problem showing up for me…had to get back to my doctor and our US insurance. We were doing a loop through British Columbia. Staying with old pals from high school. Very fun and rich connections. But, I must say, it is good to be home…resting. Maybe a book tour is more stressful than I realize. For those friends of yours that might be reading this…here is my website to catch a flavor of MY BOOK, KLEE WYCK JOURNAL: http://www.loumckee.com
    David tells me that another bike adventure has just come in…I need to read it. Catch you later! Love, Aunt Lou


    1. Yes blog followers! Lou McKee is a true adventurer. The book s lovely account of kayaks and a labor of love.
      Hope the health issue is minor Aunt Lou!


  2. Deb,
    When we hiked the AT, we had a strange guy join our campsite and fire. He pulled out a knife and played with it while talking strangely. It was creepy crawling into our tent with him out there.


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