June 6 Lookout KY

Down the mountain first thing this morning, that’s how to start the day! Four miles in and we crossed the state line.

It is hard to express the change in feeling, scenery, food, culture..(everything) we have found when crossing state lines sometimes. We felt that when we rode into Montana from Idaho, and this was one of those times. All of a sudden we were riding between a river and a huge wall of granite.

Instead of towns with more or less boundaries we are finding random gatherings of modest homes, mostly trailers, scattered along the way. Rooster fighting seems to be not uncommon in this area and loose dogs waiting to give chase are a real headache, we carry mace and an airhorn. Baptist churches, angry drivers, dry counties, beer cans littering the ditches. 30 seconds after a pickup showed his displeasure at our presence a man in a parking lot prayed over us for our safety, and i quietly prayed he would’t hit us while driving.

Many Regular Baptist Churches, an unusual sect (to us)

We stopped for breakfast at an older diner with amazing food. We tried biscuits served with home canned apples and an order of cornbread salad, just because it seems so popular here..delicious. Bologna, porkchops, gravy, biscuits, okra we find on all the menus.

After riding this afternoon on a ribbon of narrow unmarked asphalt, through some very poor areas, we came to Lookout Ky and the Freeda Harris Baptist Center where we are spending the night.

Tables of clothing donated

This center serves not only as a hostel with clean beds and showers, but more importantly as a resource center for those in need.

Clothing and food is handed out twice a week to those who come, donations come from Baptist churches in the area. Tonight we have clean sheets and hot showers with nothing asked of us. What a ministry!

2 thoughts on “June 6 Lookout KY

  1. Ha! Ha! Uncle David is sound asleep across from me on the couch…jaw dropped, mouth wide open. Deb, thanks for taking the time and finding the discipline to take good pictures along the way. I love reading your blogs. Hugs to you both. Aunt Lou


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