June 7 Hindman

Ok, I am going to get brutally honest here. This is really hard riding through the central appalachian region. The poverty is just difficult to fathom, we take few pictures out of respect for those who can’t find a way out.

Not only is the poverty hard to comprehend, the obvious meth problem is unbelievable. We see needles on the side of the road and every small village has a florist, even if they don’t have a stoplight or gas station, i read so many are lost to addictions.

We ride through “Hollows” that are just shacks on the side of the mountains. Guard dogs loose make bicycling very scary and we are on high alert all the time..

Physically we are still climbing, going over four very hike peaks today on old narrow roads, drivers very unhappy to share the road.

A long day brought us to Hindman, the county seat and home to the dulcimer.

We found a generous church again who opens their doors to cyclists. So tired we were asleep early, but honestly eager to ride out of this area that really doesn’t care to have us here.

One thought on “June 7 Hindman

  1. I hope your travels get easier soon. Hard but educational to visit this very different part of our country.


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