June 17 Falls of Rough

The day started out very pleasant, a peaceful ride through beautiful farmland, on a gorgeous Sunday morning. By the afternoon it was again hot, windy and muggy. We had been traveling through many dry counties and it being Father’s Day I knew Mike might want a beer. We we passed a barn where there was obviously a few guys enjoying some beers, I pulled in and asked if I could buy a few from them. Of course they were happy to oblige and were interested in our adventure. We left the barn with a handlebar bag filled with the best they offer, bud light, and that was my gift to Mike for Father’s Day!

We were headed to the Falls of Rough, and were excited to stay in the cabin they advertised, to relax in the pool and sit in the restaurant after another tough day on the bike, but when we arrived it was a ghost town with two teenage kids running it, no pool, no kitchen, no internet. The cabin was adorable, but there were no falls just a creek. We had planned on eating there so we were low on supplies and we convinced the poor employee to make up a burger, which he did. He was dealing with an absentee owner and was in over his head!

We did sleep very well, as we were all alone in the resort. An experience I am sure we will laugh about someday!

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