Utica June 18

Honestly mid Kentucky is starting to look all the same, but we are enjoying ourselves immensely. We are quite inventive when it comes to beating the heat, diving into the
c stores often and drinking tons of water. It was 102 degrees today, so we left early to beat the afternoon rays, riding into Utica at about 3pm. Once again we found the fire station open to cyclists so we found a corner to camp in and soaked up the air conditioning. A shower and kitchen was available, a few sofas and tv. Utica offered no cafes or restaurants so we walked across the road to enjoy some gas station chicken tenders..every station has them as this is big Tyson country. We are nearing the state line and we honestly get a little giddy seeing the new state sign.

We fell asleep listening to the volunteer firefighters having their monthly meeting a few yards from our heads. A few Transamerica racers popped in for a quick shower, some food and a quick nap, these guys are true animals! Up early again and off to Sebree!

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