Sebree June 19 2018

We had heard so much about the church hostel in Sebree we rode a short day just to be able to stay there. Again, a very hot day, passing so many chicken growing places, not really farms, just pole buildings with no signage or windows. Just chickens. Grain trucks passed us all day and we rode through gently curved roads in farmland for miles. It was so hot, and after passing all the chicken buildings I could not look at another poor chicken tender. We did have a fun conversation with the farmers at a table in one gas station, this station being their “third place” a pub or church of sorts. People are curious about us, and we are curious about them.

Sebree church was just a little amazing. The pastor lead us to a downstairs room in the church with rooms, cots, fully stocked refrigerator, showers, maps, air conditioning, big screen tv..anything a cyclist could want. We shared the space with another couple about our age with the same interests (so fun) and another Transamerica racer. It was fun to watch that guy eat. Mike and I had our own room with cots and a delicious home cooked meal. This is the life.


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